I think it’s something that has taken us both by surprise actually. I’m not really into cross dressers. For me, making him wear lacy panties was firstly about humiliation, making him blush. Then I realised I LIKE the way lace looks on a nice male body. Especially his or guys of his shape and size. Then I accidentally left a top of mine in his car after one lunch date. The top is plain black at the bottom and lacy at the top. I sent him out on a shopping expedition task. He was to wear his collar (first time in public) under his scarf, my top under his top, and red lacy panties. He was so nervous (when I got the top back, I could smell his scent, nerves and arousal around the armpits. sounds gross but I loved it and wore it christmas day). When he came back, I had him take slutty photos for me. I believe I posted a cropped version of one at the time.

Then I found myself aroused by images of guys in stockings. Not sissies, not transexuals or cross dressers. Manly alpha males in stockings, being fucked in the ass. I couldn’t explain my liking, it’s just what it was. So I mentioned it to Pup during play one night. As he was in ‘the zone’ he was willing to agree to anything. I liked the way it made him blush. The way it felt humiliating to him that the idea of doing that for me turned him on.
Then I saw an image that I reposted where a sub was getting fucked with a strap on. He had on a maids outfit. And something about it…..the cut of the sleeves I think, really turned me on to it.
During one of our online play sessions, when we were camming, he was in ‘the zone’ again and I mentioned, while he was on his knees, about getting him a maids outfit. To my GREAT surprise, he nodded his head. He was stroking at the time. I said “yes? ooh that’s interesting” and we carried on.
Today when we were texting and I mentioned we were in a store looking at clothes, he joked about me picking him up some hold up stockings (he has an ongoing task outstanding to buy his own stockings. I want him in a store handing money over to the cashier for them). I replied back that it was too late and I was already paying. Then he said “or go to Ann Summers (a UK sex shop) and pick up a maids outfit”. To which I replied “that will happen”.
So I’m very excited. I can’t even tell you why I, who likes strong alpha males, am getting aroused at the thought of him humiliated and blushing in a maids outfit.
Wow, I really enjoyed writing all that out.

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