Note: Tonight I’ll be making short posts/reblogs on creative trans/genderqueer/etc folks from recent history- artists, writers, musicians, etc. Feel free to drop suggestions in my ask box, and they’ll all be grouped here as I post them. Enjoy!

from transradical:

Jayne County is probably the most interesting musician you’ve never heard of.  A regular at the Stonewall Inn, County was one of many trans women who participated at the Stonewall Riots.

She worked alongside the likes of Andy Warhol, David Bowie (having a great influence on his Diamond Dogs tour) and was direct influence on a young Patti Smith, who met County by being cast opposite her in the first of several plays they would do together. While Jayne was already an active musician in what would become the punk rock scene, it would still be several years before Patti Smith would begins putting her poems to music.

She was also the inspiration for the titular character in the cult classic Hedwig and the Angry Inch.

There’s really no other woman more deserving of the title “mother of punk rock.”

thanks to Ed Choy for the suggestion!

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    Her band, Jayne County and the Electric Chairs, was really great. One of the original punks who doesn’t get enough...
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    i remember seeing jayne county perform way back in the days of vazaleen. what a wild, wild party.
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